Photography by Dawnita Rowden: Blog en-us (C) Photography by Dawnita Rowden (Photography by Dawnita Rowden) Tue, 14 Sep 2021 01:54:00 GMT Tue, 14 Sep 2021 01:54:00 GMT Photography by Dawnita Rowden: Blog 120 80 WHAT TO WEAR FOR PICTURES You've booked your photo session & have no idea what to wear? 

Here are some easy tips to keep it simple.

1.  SENIOR PHOTOS:  Pick a couple of diverse outfits.  You can try one casual style, another more formal, and a third outfit could be more about your personality, sport, or interest.  But most of all, be YOU!

2.  LADIES CASUAL: Here are a couple examples:  Jeans with a light colored blouse & trendy shoes.  A flowy sundress with a light jacket and sandals.

3.  GUYS CASUAL:  Pick jeans with a t-shirt and a button up shirt on top, and nice tennis shoes.  Or, Khaki shorts and a polo or boat shoes.  If that's not your style, try a light pair of pants with a denim shirt with rolled cuffs.  Don't overthink it, you'll look fabulous.

4. LADIES FORMAL:  Try a nice black pair of pants and a sweater & heels.  If that's not you, try dark denim, with colored t-shirt and trendy blazer, or a beautiful dress with a pop of color.  Avoid sleeveless unless you're showing off your guns!

5.  GUYS FORMAL:  You might try a crew sweater and dark pants and dress shoes.  That's not you?  How about some dark denim jeans with a colored button up shirt and dress shoes.

6.  SENIORS:  Let your personality unfold!  Sports outfits, uniforms, dance costumes complete with dance shoes will really show off your personality.  You can always bring props that show your character such as balls, books, or maybe even your camera! 



1.  CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES:  Don't pick clothes that make you uncomfortable! Pick outfits from clothes you know and love.  Layers always work well.  Pick simple necklines.  Go for classic, simple jewelry and avoid anything too attention grabbing.  I want the focus to be on you!

2.  MAKEUP: I highly recommend allowing yourself to be pampered before your shoot.  Let a makeup and hair artist do the work!  The final results will be breath taking!  Avoid overdone makeup and eyebrows.  Remember, natural beauty never goes out of style!

3.  RELAX!  Have fun!  Learn to laugh and have a good time during your shoot.  The funny moments of the shoot will be your favorite images you will enjoy for years to come!


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